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It has long been said that the employees of any organization are its true strength. This is especially true in today's marketplace, where many corporations elect to equip their staff with bionic enhancements.

Natishco personnel are very special. They can smell fear.

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As the quintessential 21st century multimedia enterprise, Natishco has a vast array of experience in taking on projects in web platforms, video, streaming media, spoken word performances, interpretive dance, oral history and mind control.

The bottom line for your business is simply this - if you're not hiring Natishco to do your projects, you might as well be violating yourself really hard with a joiner's mallet.

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What kind of things are we planning for our clients at Natishco?

Sometime in 2005, look for a repeat of our popular 2004 Canadian electoral stock market simulation! Aside from that, we continue work on the long-awaited blockbuster film "Yves Duchamps: Commissionaire for Hire", with its anticipated 2070 release date. And are you ready for the kick in the crotch to your senses that is... "The Townies"?

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For over a decade, Natishco Enterprises has been providing episodic entertainment for bored civil servants and former Alberta Conservative youth activists. Sure, it's a niche market, but the kind of niche market that is going to put its boot up your niche market's ass.

From the Natishco head offices in Ottawa, Ontario, our employees are dedicated to reformatting our web page design until it is functionally indistinguishable from that of an insurance company. Then the bucks will come rolling in. Once that happens, we get a dog.

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