Natishco Enterprises

This is how we do it

So you’re thinking to yourself – yeah, I could see myself doing business with these guys. I mean the tall guy seems a little dangerous, and he keeps playing with that knife, but the other guy keeps telling me over and over again that he’s good with money. No one who repeats it that often is making it up. Mama didn’t raise no fool.

Need some further proof? Check out some testimony from some of our existing clients. 



When Point Charles Landmarks wanted to determine a new brand for their signature line of high-end commercial properties, we put up an open-ended web poll. That was a mistake.

Julie’s Thingamabobs

We were driving up the Maine coast when every single resident of Maine stopped us to ask what they should do for a living. “Open up gift shops for tourists – but nothing that people would actually want in their homes. Just expensive artsy stuff.”.

Nailed it.

Pointy Jack

Owner Jack Smalley came to us several years ago with a problem. He couldn’t stop pointing at his friend and constant companion, Ed, the chronically inapt dresser for winter climates. We got together with Jack and said: “Cut. It. Out”, then we made the same gesture that Dave Coulier did on that show some time ago.


Phantom Zone

It’s where General Zod is trapped. Seriously, what kind of  free clip art comes with this program? I have no idea what the person pictured above is doing.