Lovin’ every minute of it

Warning: This page is mostly Loverboy lyrics

How do you like him so far? How do you like his show? How do you like the way he rocks and the way he rolls? How do you like his image? How do you like his style? How do you like the way he looks and the way he smiles? The kid is hot tonight.  Whoa, so hot tonight. But where will he be tomorrow?

I said, little girl, don’t you hesitate cause you’re usin’ live bait. Senorita, solitaire, you got a certain kind of savoir-faire.

There’s something going on, I want to hear it from you face-to-face. You know it won’t be long, before you make your last mistake. Cause you’re dangerous, you’ve got it coming to you. Dangerous–Now what am I going to do? Dangerous–And I’m a lot like you

Turn that dial all the way

This could be the night, the night to remember. We’ll make it last forever. This could be the night, to end all nights.

Queen of Broken Hearts

Take Me to the Top

Break it to Me Gently

Strike Zone

Countin’ the Nights

Steal the Thunder